What is CPOE? What does it have to do with Meaningful Use?

CPOE stands for "Computerized Physician Order Entry". It means that physicians use computer programs (usually electronic medical record software) to enter orders for medications, laboratory tests, radiology tests, and consultations.

CPOE is required to achieve Meaningful Use.

When medical professionals use paper charting methods, errors are created when "unique" handwriting is misinterpreted. To reduce these errors, the HITECH Act has required that medical practices instate a digital workflow if they want to qualify for incentive payments.

The exact requirements for outpatient office practices are complex. SolidPractice can help implement a complete electronic medical record system that complies with Meaningful Use criteria, including CPOE (computerized physician order entry).

SolidPractice Computerized Entry

SolidPractice includes E-Prescribe, a service that electronically sends prescriptions to pharmacies. E-Prescribe is also a necessary tool in qualifying for Meaningful Use Stage II. According to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, "more thanĀ 60% of medication, 30% of laboratory, and 30% of radiology orders created by the EP during the EHR reporting period are recorded using CPOE." - read article source

This can all be overwhelming, but SolidPractice has team members who can help explain the Meaningful Use process. In addition to being fully compliant with HIPAA requirements, our software is government certified. 100% of practices using SolidPractice technology who applied have qualified for Meaningful Use incentives.

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