You call, we answer. Technical support is that simple.

We will never ask you to submit a support ticket.

We know that medical offices are looking for a full-service EMR, at an affordable price, with easy implementation. Our SolidPractice trainers work the way you do. We are based here in the U.S. and can be on-site in your clinic if needed.

Support questions? Call 718-687-6161

When you need assistance, our staff is always standing by. Our support team is courteous and experienced, and they know how to work around your workflow to have your new EMR system up in days, not weeks or months.

Thinking of Switching EMRs?

Many practice owners are frustrated with their current EMR system, but are concerned that a switch would be costly. What about the money that has already been spent on the current system?

This is why we created the Monthly Subscription Plan. Our online support, web-enabled support, live support team and web-accessed manuals will help you make a smooth transition to SolidPractice, without losing valuable treatment time.

Physicians, medical office managers and medical practice staff need an EMR solution they can trust. SolidPractice delivers that – and more. We are fully certified, we provide e-prescribing, voice recognition, electronic labs and all of the latest technologies within a simple to use and easy to learn software interface.

Familiar with Security Risk Analysis?

When your practice is ready to attest for Meaningful Use, you must have your IT specialist perform a formal Security Risk Analysis. This analysis is not related to your EMR, but unfavorable findings could result in missed award opportunities. We are happy to explain the risk analysis process and give you recommendations.

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